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The initial contributors are amongst participants of an existing initiative (The School Hasselt), but it will be open for other people who are keen to contribute to this collective endeavour (relevant individuals, collectives and institutions who might have a valuable contribution to the blueprint). Anyone who contributes (by editing or adding content) may include her/his name in this list, together with a short bio, the motivation to participate on the project and a link to a website or portfolio.

Carolien Van den hole

I am a designer creating environments and moments. My multi-media practice MaisonCaro focusses on narrative structures and multi-sensorial experiences in three-dimensional space. I am an educator at LUCA School of Arts in the dep. interior design & scenography, living in Ghent. How to convey messages, provoke reflection and leave behind layered impressions? Setting and researching these conditions are central in my practice, hence my interest in this project. Ultimately how can we design education as an ongoing learning experience?

Email me at

Federica Sosta

Info/bio of Fede

Pablo Calderón Salazar

I am a designer, educator and researcher living in Brussels. I have been undergoing a PhD in the Arts with LUCA School of Arts (KU Leuven) since March 2014, in the wider context of the project TRADERS (Training Art and Design Researchers for Participation in Public Space). Since I finished my bachelor studies in Industrial Design at the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University (Bogotá, Colombia) in 2009, I have been very interested in the (alternative, self-organised) pedagogical aspect of creative practices.

Visit my website or email me at

Pepa Ivanova

Info/bio of Pepa

Raya Stefanova

Raya Stefanova (b. 1990 Bulgaria) is operating in the extended field of design as a maker, curator and constant researcher. She began her open design practice after receiving a BA from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2014. In her work she explores diversity of topics reflecting on current issues in a larger context of people, culture, science, education, and environment.

Rebecca Jane Arthur

Info/bio of Rebecca

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