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Archive / Inventory

Having in mind the numerous initiatives in documenting, archiving, listing, categorizing, inventorizing and -more generally- in researching alternative pedagogical initiatives and projects, this is more of an inventory of inventories: a meta-archive.

Databases of projects and practices


the TEACHABLE FILE (tTF) is a working catalog of alternative art schools and a reference on education-as-art. The file delivers and demonstrates its subject by acting as both a resource for teaching and a student of its users. It forms and reforms itself through communicative action and engaged research. It is what it is; it will be what it will be.

Open School Workshop

Open School Workshop is an index collecting alternative art and design education. One of its resources is the Workshop Project Wiki (WPW), a growing archive of radical and experimental proposals for design education, curricula and pedagogy.

Research projects

Aformal Academy

Aformal Academy – RE:Learning The City is a spatial and co-creational knowledge exchange, where professors, both foreign and local, students, lecturers, local craftsmen, in-town guests, local researchers, exhibitors and citizens crash together in a free flowing information exchange – creating a process of multi-layered learning across disciplines, for all.

Radical Pedagogies

Radical Pedagogies is an ongoing multiyear collaborative research project by Beatriz Colomina with the PhD students at Princeton University School of Architecture. It has so far involved three years of seminars, interviews, archival research, guest lectures, and contributions by protagonists and scholars around the world. Architecture history and theory is taught and practiced as an experiment in itself, exploring the potential of collaboration— in what is often taught to be an individual field—and addressing the challenges and opportunities of new media.

Taking a line for a walk

Assignments can give instructions, describe an exercise, present a problem, set out rules, propose a game, stimulate a process, or simply throw out questions. Taking a Line for a Walk brings attention to something that is often neglected: the assignment as a pedagogical element and verbal artefact of design education. This book is a compendium of 224 assignments, edited by Nina Paim and coedited by Emilia Bergmark. A reference book for educators, researchers, and students alike, it includes both contemporary and historical examples and offers a space for different lines of design pedagogy to converge and converse.

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